InQuest has an impeccable reputation in delivering quality books and reports in current affairs, academia, business, sports and history. These publications combine thorough research with stylish writing, exciting imagery and innovative design.

We have published books which document the history of organisations such as the Gaelic Athletic Association, Aosdána, the Irish Bank Officials Association and the National College of Ireland, as well as ones which examine the relationship between third-level research and Irish social, economic and cultural performance, notably Transformations: How Research is Changing Ireland (2009), Creating Ireland: Research & the Role of the Humanities and Social Sciences (2014) and Discovery Research: New Ideas, New Frontiers (2016).  We have also provided research and contributed to other publications, including Catríona Crowe’s, Dublin 1911 (2012).


Just some of the books published by the InQuest team in recent years

In addition to published books, InQuest has been commissioned to research and write numerous reports on issues of public policy for statutory bodies, Government departments and private companies. We have also produced several reports based on the proceedings of international conferences on business and education. In 2018, InQuest published ‘A Decade of Investing – the Evolution of NDRC‘  which charted the progression of an organisation that provides vital pre-seed investment and mentoring for globally scalable, indigenous digital companies.

Launch of Creating Ireland

Authors and InQuest Directors Dr. Paul Rouse and Mark Duncan pictured with photographer Erin Quinn at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham for the 2014 launch of our book, Creating Ireland: Research & the Role of the Humanities and Social Sciences, published by the Irish Research Council.

What they have said about our books:

The GAA: A People’s History (2009)

  • ‘The narrative is clear and concise and illuminates the nature and character of the GAA from oblique angles… This is a book to keep… history has rarely scrubbed up as well.’ – The Irish Times
  • ‘This book is excellent and the photographs superb, and very well used. Great design.’ – John Bowman, RTÉ Radio
  • ‘Standing high above the pack [of books commemorating the GAA.’ – Irish Independent
  • ‘If you only ever buy one GAA book, I would suggest The GAA: A People’s History… ‘ – Ciaran Murphy, The Irish Times

Aosdána – Beginnings (2022)

The Arts Council publishes ‘Aosdána Beginnings’ by Mark Duncan, commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Aosdána in 2022.

Over its 40 years Aosdána has honoured artists whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the creative arts in Ireland. The support awarded enables members to devote their energies fully to their art practice.  The hard-back publication tells the history of Aosdána and how it was founded in 1981.

Among the first members of Aosdána in 1981 were artists including Nobel laureates Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney, poet Leland Bardwell, writer May Lavin and playwright Brian Friel. Visual artists included Louis le Broquy and Pauline Bewick, while composers Jane O’Leary and Seoirse Bodley were also among the original members.  The original 88 artists, and the 381 artists voted as members of Aosdána since then, have been supported through their membership of Aosdána to create work that gives Ireland its creative and cultural credentials.

The illustrated text is of historical and cultural significance, highlighting the artistic work of members, paying particular attention to the Saoithe, and incorporating all five disciplines; architecture, choreography, music, literature and visual art.  The original 88 members appointed in 1981 are listed as are all members elected since 1984.

Professor Kevin Rafter, Chair of the Arts Council, said: “For 40-years Aosdána has been honouring artists whose work has made an important contribution to the arts in Ireland This publication celebrates Aosdána’s special place in the arts sector and in wider Irish society”.

Speaking about the publication, Maureen Kennelly, Director of the Arts Council, said: “We wish to say sincere thanks to writer Mark Duncan, who brought careful attention and compelling energy in writing this history.  As we enter the fifth decade of this visionary support programme, we are energised and encouraged by the dignity that these existing and newer supports will bring to Ireland’s artistic community”.

Anne Haverty of An Toscaireacht, said: “Since it was established in 1982 Aosdána has been regarded internationally as a unique and hugely significant advance in Ireland’s support for the arts, and this handsome publication is a long-awaited and welcome account of its foundation and evolution”.

Transformations: How Research is Changing Ireland (2009)

  • ‘The HEA wanted to produce something that helped ordinary people understand just how ordinary and “normal” people working in scientific, engineering, mathematical and humanities actually are. Transformations delivers such an entity, explaining real research in everyday language so that anyone can marvel at the remarkable progress that has been made.’ – The Irish Times


The Gaelic Athletic Association 1884-2009

  • ‘This collection, born out of collaboration between the GAA’s Oral History Project and Sports History Ireland, lifts the canon of GAA literature out of the swamp of vibey self-congratulation and into a field where fissures and failures can be examined along with the Association’s achievements and views of itself.’ – The Irish Times